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Here she is, Tom’s #60 cargo bike, named “The Stella” and delivered by our  good friend Sally from Corvallis on her way up to Spokane.    Image

Rick had wanted a way to go get things too heavy to comfortably fit on our bikes.  We ogled some entries  through the spring, finding many interesting custom and stock models available.  (There are a surprising number out there: low platform cargo cruisers, bikes with boxes and seats for children, extended rear platforms, the list is extensive.  And the prices quite jaw dropping.)  We talked about it and just could not justify the expense.  Rats.  And then we stumbled upon Tom.  He’s a really cool guy in Portland with a welder and a day job, who has a passion for making cargo bikes.

What he basically does is recycle bicycles.  And it makes a lot of sense.  There are a lot of bikes out there that are still functional but might take a bit more work and money than your average enthusiast wants to expend.  Plus they may look worn or not in some way attractive.  There might be rust on the gears or chain.  Stuff happens. Things get old.  A brand new bike has a lot more sex appeal.

That’s not what Tom thinks.  His mission is to return the appeal by viewing it in a new light.

Tom uses donor bikes–at least two per project–to create his stretch model cargo cruiser.  Ours is great!  She is an old Stella Mixte from the seventies, remodeled with the help of a discarded kids bike and some fresh tubing in to the ultimate laundry and cargo go-getter.


Here’s Rick, demoing the Stella outside the Odell House. 


Today the laundry, tomorrow Costco!



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The Mixte Mob   Leave a comment

The Mixte Mob

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First Friday March 2, Irene Dahl: Images on Copper   Leave a comment

Come join us for the artist reception–and our last First Friday opening at the Cedar Street location.

Irene Dahl:

And plan to join us in April at 2325 West First Ave, near the MAC Museum in Browne’s Addition for the April First Friday Art Walk when we will open at the Odell House:

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The First Friday Art Walk in March   Leave a comment

On Friday March 2nd we will host our final First Friday Art Walk at the 112 South Cedar location with a show “Images on Copper” by the wonderful Irene Dahl

You can preview some of her work in the gallery now.

The artists reception will be from 5PM to 9PM on Friday the 2nd.

You can view the show during the month of March.

Irimi hours in March will be abbreviated to Friday Saturday and Sunday noon to 6PM

Please plan to join us!

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The OdellHouse gets a lobby, and Irimi Arts gets a new home   Leave a comment

We are happy to announce a fun change for both Irimi Arts and the Odell House:

They are going to have a lobby!!  And WE are going to be in it.

(After fifteen years of guests checking in independently, this is quite a change for them.)

April 1, 2012:

2325 West First Ave, the corner of First and Poplar Streets, just west of the MAC Museum and the gracious Odell House of Browne’s Addition will become the new home of the newly named Irimi Design and the Irimi collection.

We will be participating in the April First Friday Art walk, Friday the 6th in the good company of the MAC Museum and Robert’s Mansion–who have some exciting news of their own in the next little while.

Please stay tuned for other pictures as we organize the move–and those of you who are in the know, please come down to the Irimi store and take advantage of the wonderful sale we are having before the change.

Irimi will be open usual hours through the end of February, then reduced hours 10-6 Friday, Saturday and Sundays in March

We hope you will visit us for the Odell House opening with tours of the main floor on April 1, 2012

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Results of the “pick your favorite” at the Irimi Gallery poll   Leave a comment

First we want to thank all the people who visited this weekend and indulged us in our “Pick your favorite” awards.  The winner of the $100 gift certificate has been contacted privately by email–and we hope she uses it on her stated favorite, Curt Hanson’s Lotus Farm painting. 🙂


But we also wanted to reward all of you who asked us to put you on our contacts list for events at the gallery.   Here’s $20 Irimi cash to come pick out something at the gallery.  Tea, a down payment on a painting, mittens, whatever.  We’re so glad to have you come visit.  Hurry back.

Re everybody’s favorite: we were surprised at how wide a field the favorites ran, and how good people’s taste was, but without further ado, here is the winners list:

In first place in the painting category  with 6 votes is William Morris Hunt with Fayal Doorway.

(It is on some level cheating to be a great master, but there it is.)

Kao Tao Dawn By Curtis Hanson came in second with three votes:

Curt also stole the show with many favorites, which is no surprise as he is our most famous living tonalist painter

Lotus Farm by Curtis Hanson 1

Kao Tao Sunrise By Curtis Hanson 1

Orcas Island By Curtis Hanson 1

Morning Rest By Curtis Hanson 1

Bindabot by Curtis Hanson 1

Rice Planter by Curtis Hanson 1

Moonlight on Hangman Creek garnered Rick Graff two votes, William Elston’s Nude and the painting in the front window, Discovery Park each got one.  Gila River by Tom Holt was a favorite.

In a different category, that  of Objects, many people found favorites.  The most favorite object was the Payment Door, a piece of folk art described by this note over the top of it.

It’s a wonderful collection of small toys, buttons and what-have-you from the forties, given in trade for bike repair.  If you did not notice it, be sure to look next time you are in the gallery.

For the “must know” set here is a list of the specific favorites.  We hope to see all of you who helped us play come back soon to spend your loot–just refer to yourself by your graciously-given email address to collect your credit.

Favorites List:

Paintings and Photographs

Fayal Doorway by William Morris Hunt 6

Moonlight on Hangman Creek by Rick Graff 2

Photo Stevens Pass by Rick Graff 1

Lotus Farm by Curtis Hanson 1

Kao Tao Dawn By Curtis Hanson 3

Kao Tao Sunrise By Curtis Hanson 1

Orcas Island By Curtis Hanson 1

Morning Rest By Curtis Hanson 1

Bindabot by Curtis Hanson 1

Rice Planter by Curtis Hanson 1

Nude by William Elston 1

Discovery Park by William Elston 1

Gila River by Tom Holt 1


Payment Door 3

Oriental rugs in store 1

Monkey Wood Table 1

Mid Century Lamp with Tiered Shade 1

Slip shade Glass 1

Wave Form Slumped Glass by Steve Adams 1

Slump Glass Statue by Steve Adams 1

Table by Pete Jagoda 1

Pipe Light 1

Window Back Robe by Lana St Michelle 1


Pasha and Persik 1

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A walk through the gallery February 3, 2012–slide show   Leave a comment

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